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13 Must-Use Website When Looking for a Home

Finding a house is hard. Here are 13 websites you should check out while searching for your  perfect home!

1. Trulia

Trulia typically has better insights than both Zillow and Redfin, although all 3 can be useful tools! 

2. Rent Potential

If you are looking for an investment property, this website will help you determine whether or not a property is worth the risk. 

3. City Data

This comprehensive site will tell everything you need to know about the town you’re moving into. Income, climate, air pollution, crime rates – you name it, anything and everything you need to know is all here. 

4. PropStream

This is another good option for investors. PropStream will help you find new investment properties and analyze their potential profit.


For those who are into heavy research, FRED’s website gives ample data regarding previous home prices. This will help you determine local real estate value patterns (ie., is your home likely to decrease in value quickly, or slowly?).

6. Local City Council Website

Find your local city council website to make sure there aren’t any special taxes, fees, or regulations that apply to the area.

7. Neighborhood Scout

Neighborhood Scout collects the information most pertinent to safety about a given city or town. You’ll find some of the same information on City Data – but this website gets rid of some of the fluff and presents key details (crime rates, schools, etc.) in an easy to manage manner.


If you have kids, you’ll want to look here. will give you an in-depth profile for local schools, and their ratings. This is a must-have for parents! 

9. CityProtect & SpotCrime

CityProtect shows you the nearest police department, and gives you the option to view recent incidents in the area. SpotCrime is another great resource in finding up to date crime reporting near you. These sites are helpful when deciding if the area is safe for you and your family.

10. For Sale by Owner

For Sale by Owner is a great place to look for homes put on the market without a real estate agent. You might be able to save a few bucks going this route!

11. Yelp!

Okay – so Yelp won’t help you find a new home. But it will help you decide what there is to do around your new home! Check out the food scene, night-life, and family friendly things to do nearby before you move into a new place.

12. Open Signal App

The Open Signal App allows you to view cell service coverage across the country, according to whatever provider you use! This is also a nifty site for traveling, as you can view coverage all over the world.


You may get lucky and buy a great property that’s being auctioned! These houses are typically cheaper, but often require a bit of work. Check out more on buying auctioned homes here.

Whatever resources you use when finding your home – the important thing is to take your time, do your research, and be objective along the way. You can share other websites you’ve used in the comments below!

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