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6 Tips for Maintaining Your Yard

You’ve got your first home, picked out all your furniture, painted the walls, changed the locks, and got everything moved in. Congratulations! Now how do you take care of all that space outside the home? Here’s a few tips to keep your yard looking fresh.

1. Build a Landscaping Savings Account

Yard work ain’t cheap. First, build up a savings account. When you hit your target like $1,000, then start tackling some projects. You’ll be amazed at how budgeting will help with routine and unexpected expenses.

2. Take Care of Your Lawn

The key to a great yard is a great lawn. Make sure that you are mowing your lawn regularly, watering it well, and keeping the weeds away. If you have pets who routinely destroy the grass, keep them away. 

3. Research Before You Plant

Not all plants (or trees) will be well suited to your region or your space. First understand the temperature, humidity, and access to sunlight so you can find plants that will thrive in your area. Also, don’t buy plants that may outgrow your space. 

4. Add Mulch or Stone

Take your yard to the next level by adding a bit of mulch or stone to your garden areas. It’s inexpensive plus helps to prevent weed growth while showcasing your plants nicely.

5. Repurpose Downed Trees

Especially when moving into a new space, you may find yourself needing to remove trees. You can turn a sad moment into a fun project by using some of this wood for all sorts of DIY projects – picture frames, cabinets, tables, flooring – you name it!

6. Create Private Space

What makes a great yard is having a space you actually want to spend time in there. You can use fences, bushes, and trees to corner off your own secret haven in your yard. Get creative and find your space!

All in all, keeping your yard looking nice doesn’t take too much work. Make outdoor maintenance a routine part of your schedule, and you’ll be on your way to a beautiful yard – one step at a time.

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