7 Must-Use Websites to Help You Estimate Your Home Sale Value

With all the resources available today, it’s not hard to deduce your home value without the use of a professional. Here are 5 websites you should use to acquire your home  valuation.

1. Zillow

Zillow is the go-to resource for estimating home sale values. Their Zestimates are accurate and available for most addresses. Simply type in your address to see if your home has a value listed. You can claim your home to get updates for future changes in value, too! However, Zestimate is just a starting point, as mentioned by someone who built the model. Learn more here.

2. PropStream

PropStream is a professional real estate website and app that offers  comprehensive insight into real estate data all over the country. Though this is a paid service, you can use a 7 day free trial to get as much information on your home (and your neighborhood) as possible – including recent sale values and your current estimated value. 

3. Realtor.Com

Realtor.Com is the go-to website for real estate agents – which means you can pretty confidently trust their estimate. By using the “home value” on the home page search, you can easily find not only the estimated value, but also a slew of helpful stats on your home and the area.

4. Remax

By entering in your home information in the buy search, you will get a price estimate – but not much else. You will need to go through the “sell a house” process to get more information, but this will be more involved than the simple search that the rest of these sites offer. This is a great tool to include in your comparisons, but not the most comprehensive. 

5. Redfin

Redfin has their own home-estimate search too. Just type in your address and you’ll be able to see their estimate for your home, and neighboring homes as well. Some reviews show that Redfin is actually more reliable than Zillow – so definitely don’t leave their report out of your equation!

6. Trulia

Trulia’s estimate search is similar to that of Zillow and Redfin, and will show your home’s estimated value compared to the current sales price of homes listed near you. Just type in your address and your home value combined with current listings will populate. This comparison is incredibly helpful and should not be ignored – keep in mind the price range you see for similar homes in your neighborhood. 

7. U.S. News

U.S. News has created their own estimate site that may lead to more accurate estimates – but does require a little more work on your part. You’ll enter your address, answer a few simple questions, and then get a free home value estimate via email. Since they require more personalized details to get their number, you may have a more accurate estimate with this site.

Once you’ve compiled data from each of these websites, compare and contrast them to find a number somewhere in the middle. You don’t want to go with the highest (or the lowest) estimate, but pick a reasonable middle ground.

Check out our article on home pricing for more helpful tips after you’ve estimated your home sale value.

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