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8 Beautiful Home Styles & How to Care for Them

Did you know that you can win over a seller with a heartfelt, personal letter? Moving is a difficult process – oftentimes homeowners like to know why you love their home, and how you  are going to take care of it.

Craft your own heartfelt letter by understanding what home you’re buying, and how to take care of it.

Here are the 8 popular home styles and some pro care tips for each one.

  • Cape Cod

Cape Cod homes are made for tough winters in the North East (hence the name). Their steep roofs are built to keep snow from accumulating, and their low ceilings keep  the heat where it matters. These homes are beautiful and homey.

Care Tips:

  1. Clean & refinish shingles. Most Cape Cod homes have shingle siding. A little bit of maintenance will keep this siding looking great for years to come.
  2. Maintain gutters & ensure proper drainage. Steep roofs are fairly easy to maintain – but the runoff can be substantial. Keep gutters clean to avoid drywall damage! 


  • Contemporary

These homes are hip and asymmetrical. Many contemporary homes feature straight edges, open floor plans, and lots of natural light. They frequently come with a nice price tag attached.

Care Tips:

  1. Maintain the roof. Many contemporary homes have flat roofs – these require extra care. Inspect it a few times a year, and clean off any debris while you’re up there. Address leaks quickly, and ensure you have proper drainage.
  2. Keep the windows clean. These homes feature many large windows – stick to a routine cleaning schedule to keep them looking beautiful.


  • Farmhouse

You might imagine a farmhouse when you imagine the stereotypical “American Dream” home. This house usually features a big front porch, panelled siding, and a rustic interior with a big kitchen.

Care Tips:

  1. Take care of the floors. Many farmhouses feature hardwood floors. Use furniture pads, and regularly clean/polish them with wood cleaner to keep them looking nice.
  2. Maintain exterior woods. Farmhouses typically have large, wood finished porches. These will require frequent upkeep, including professionally cleaning and sealing every 2 years or so. Use oil based stains for refinishing for best results.


  • Victorian

Victorian homes look like a mixture between a dollhouse and a princess castle, made for real life. These homes borrow qualities from Europe (during the reign of Queen Victoria, as the name suggests) and are full of delightful intricacies.  

Care Tips:

  1. Clean the exterior. Victorian homes have many elaborate and intricate details on the outside. Routinely clean these nooks and crannies – and repaint when necessary.
  2. Assess the foundation. These homes sometimes run into foundation problems. Have this assessed every now and then to ensure there are no issues.



  • Colonial

Colonial homes are simple, but elegant. They usually have multiple stories and many symmetrical windows. The style varies depending on which part of the country you are in, but the basics remain the same.

Care Tips:

  1. Power wash siding frequently. Colonials come in all varieties – but many of them shine when they are freshly cleaned.
  2. Touch up exterior paint. Keep those accents looking sharp by repainting windows and doorways every few years. 


  • Tudor

Tudor homes are adorable. They usually have a brick or stucco exterior, and reveal open framework on the top levels. The mixture of colors and textures make these appealing (and expensive) homes.

Care Tips:

  1. Clean the chimney. Many tudors have beautiful fireplaces and chimneys – which require yearly inspection and sweeping.
  2. Polish all the wood. Tudors are filled with wood – both inside and out. For interior wood, be sure to clean and polish frequently. Exterior wood will need cleaned and sealed every couple of years.


  • Ranch

Ranch homes are simplistic, one level homes that are popular among retired empty-nesters. They typically do not have a lot of intricate features, and are perfect for those looking for a budget friendly, quality option. 

Care Tips:

  1. Maintain the yard. Beautiful landscaping makes a ranch stand out. Spend the time and money to keep your lawn looking sharp.
  2. Avoid roof blistering. With any low style roof, ponding water and blistering are frequent issues. Check on your roof every year to avoid these issues.


  • Mediterranean 

These homes resemble the architecture of Spain, Italy, and Greece. They are popular in California and Florida, as they provide ample air flow and are made with stucco to keep the home cool. 

Care Tips:

  1. Clean the stucco walls frequently. Due to its porous nature, these walls tend to absorb stains more easily. Use a hose or power washer a few times a year.
  2. Apply a sealer to the stucco about once every 5 years.


As you’re deciding how to best care for the home you hope to buy, don’t just use this list. Pay attention to the small details in that home – and show the current owner that you’re going to take care of them.


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