Down Payment Assistance Without the Interest

Did you know that you can receive down payment help…without paying insane interest rates? 

Our revolutionary down payment assistance program is built to give first time home buyers a chance at affordable home ownership with hassle free, interest free down payment assistance. How does this work?

1. Our Down Payment Assistance is an Investment, Not a Loan

Most standard down payment assistance programs are simply extensions of your loan that force you to pay interest on more than you bargained for. 

Of course they advertise a 0% down payment – that means you pay them exponentially more interest on an even greater sum. 

Our program is entirely different. We top off your down payment for you, so your mortgage can remain as low as possible. This is an investment. Not a loan. No interest. No fees. No lies.

2. You Pay 5%, We Pay the Rest

Our arrangement is simple. You cover at least 5% of the down payment, and we’ll add up to $500,000 to ensure you have a 20% down payment. This will get you great rates on your loan and save you thousands of dollars over the years.

3. We Split the Profit/Loss When You Sell 

Most first time homeowners sell their first home within 5-7 years. When that time comes, we’ll split the profits (or losses) with you. That means that if your home appreciates in value, we will get a portion of the sales profit, and if your home depreciates in value, we will take on a portion of the loss. This will all be auto-settled in escrow, and completely hassle-free.

4. Want to Stay Forever? Buy us Out Whenever.

If 10 years go by and you want to stay in your home, you can simply buy us out of our investment. This allows you to have time to build wealth and gain stability financially, and pay that original “down payment” in your own timing, interest free.

You can even buy us out earlier by getting an appraisal.

This simple model will help you build wealth without paying hefty interest rates and while avoiding unnecessary fees. Let us invest in your future by scheduling a call with us today!

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