2023 Home Price Forecast

Top 100 Metros – Map

How it Works?

We analyzed over 1000 factors & selected ones expected to impact the housing market in 2023.

Using this framework, we developed a research-driven methodology to project the 2023 demand & supply levels for each MSA, based on 3 scenarios of mortgage rates:


Bearish Scenario

Mortgage Rates > 7.5%

“Soft Landing”

Median Scenario

Mortgage Rates ~ 6%

“Roaring 20s”

Bullish Scenario

Mortgage Rates < 5%

We report our 2023 projections📈for each MSA here:

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How do major markets fare? Find our projections in the charts below👇.

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Last Updated: Feb 20th, 2023

Nik Shah


Sid Samant

Portfolio Manager

Dev Seth

Senior Quantitative Analyst