How to Get the Best Appraisal for Your Home

If you are refinancing or selling your home, you will need to go through the appraisal process again. Follow these steps to make sure your home is appraised at top value!

1. Clean Everything!

You want to make everything look squeaky clean and brand new before the appraiser comes! Wash the walls, scrub the sinks, clean the grout…go crazy and remove any and all clutter. This is step one to showing the appraiser that you take good care of the home!

2. Repaint & Touch Up

A little touch up goes a long way. Take the time to repaint where necessary, touch up the trim, and even tend to the exterior with some power-washing. Re-stain wooden decks/patios if possible, too.

3. Make Sure Everything Works

Now is the time to make sure your fire alarm, carbon monoxide detector, security system, and all other essential home systems are in the proper place and functioning. Be sure to check HVAC systems and filters, septic systems, hot water tanks, and basic appliances as well. Don’t let the appraiser be the one who finds something out of place or out of order.

4. Repair & Restore 

Do a thorough walk-through and evaluation of your home. Take note of chipped tiles, leaks, torn carpet, or other imperfections. Repair and restore what you can. Appraisers generally evaluate damages in $500 increments – try to take care of repairs that fall under that price range. This will save you in the long run.

5. Make a List of Renovations You’ve Made

Create a detailed list of all repairs and renovations you’ve made since purchasing the home. Don’t leave anything out – and be sure to communicate these improvements to your appraiser. 

6. Make Affordable Upgrades

Consider making a few minor upgrades to increase the appeal and value of your home. Some ideas include: new doorknobs, improved light fixtures, better blinds, new curtain rods, a nicer sink, etc. Even small, inexpensive changes can change the appeal and make your home seem more valuable.

7. Invest in Landscaping

It’s not just the interior that counts. Show the appraiser that you take care of the property by giving them a great first impression. Get the grass mowed, tend to any flower beds, have some mulch laid down, and get rid of any unsightly debri or lawn decorations. If you don’t have a green thumb, consider hiring a professional to make your house pop with beautiful landscaping.

8. Compare with Local Real Estate

Of course, you’ll want to get a handle on the value of other homes nearby to ensure you get a fair appraisal and to help you decide what changes to make. 

Getting a great appraisal truly depends on the state of your home. Luckily, you can control a lot of this! Follow these 8 steps to get the best appraisal possible and sell at top value.

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