How to Write a Great Essay to the Home-Seller

One way to stand out from the competition when making an offer on a home is by crafting a quality letter to the current owner. Sellers love these letters, because they connect you and your dreams to the wonderful memories they have in their home. 

Here’s 6 ways you can make your letter shine:

1. Connect With Them

Focus on what you have in common with the current owner. You may not always know the owner’s backstory – but you can guess some of their priorities based on the property. 

A fire pit with stringed lights in the backyard might tell you this family loves late night talks outside, and a playground out back tells you they have kids who love to play. Find something you can connect with them about and include it in your letter.

2. Make it Personal

Address the owner by their first name and use your own first name too. Tell them about your family, your dreams, and the way you imagine yourself settling into this new home. If you have kids or pets, be specific. Get them interested in who you are!

3. Keep it Short & Sweet

These owners likely have multiple letters they have to read. Keep it to just 1 page (tops!) and even less than that if you are typing (although, hand written is always best if you have nice penmanship).

4. Focus on the Positives

Tell the owner what you love about the property. Do not focus on what you will change or add. Comment on the features that already stand out to you!

5. Check it for Errors!

Double and triple check your letter to make sure it’s free from grammatical errors. You may have to go back and rewrite this a few times before you get it just right.

6. Include a Picture

To really seal the deal, put a couple family photos in with the letter. This will make your letter more tangible and set you apart from the average home offer.

As you write your letter to the current homeowner, be sincere, honest, and friendly. This simple extra step can definitely give you a better chance at having a winning offer! View a real sample letter here!

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