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Strangest Things That Homeowners Leave Behind

Sometimes you get more than you bargained for when you move into a new home. Here are some hilarious (and sometimes gross) things that people leave behind as they are moving out! 

Broken Appliances

If the previous homeowner had appliances that were on their last leg, they may very well just “do you a favor” and save themselves the hassle of moving them out. This might be a blessing if you’re able to fix it up…or it might leave you with the hassle of replacing it.


Believe it or not, people will frequently either intentionally or forgetfully leave urns behind in a  move. This is not the most pleasant thing to find when you walk in the front door, and to be honest – we’re not sure if there is an agreed upon acceptable thing to do with said ashes. 

Unwanted Family Memories

Especially if there has been family tension or a death in the family leading up to the previous owners’ move, they may leave behind pictures, scrapbooks, or even gifts that they no longer want to be reminded of.

Sex Toys

It has to be said…some people leave behind some kinky stuff. Magazines, toys, you name it – it’s been left behind and found again. Like this Reddit user who had a previous homeowners sex toy clogging their toilet for a year. Yes – we know, it’s gross. 


Sadly, some owners will leave unwanted pets behind in their move. Best thing you can do if you find animals when you are moving in is contact local shelters to ensure they all find a loving, safe place to live.

There are plenty of other crazy things that people have left behind when moving out…you may even find something useful or valuable while exploring your new home. Leave a comment below if you’ve found something when moving into a new home (or left something behind!)!


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